2-5 lb roasters

coffeebean princess

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Apr 8, 2009
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I am very happy with my cafemino! It has not given me any issues at all. I have to agree with she.roasts...I don't like to mess around with my coffee...and Toper's Cafemino is not only simple and easy to work and maintain...it is easy on the eyes. I bought my roaster from robust roasters -- the new distributor's for Canada. They are a very knowledgeable team with excellent service! Long Live Toper!!!

Note to Temuri: No need to be a suck dear coffee friend. ;)


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Nov 12, 2005
Tbilisi Georgia
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I am happy that you like cafemino so much. Wish you to keep your nirvana for very, very long.
Would like to mention that I have never said anything negative against their other models, I just said cafemino was a horrible machine and still I am sure in this.
Also I dont like when people -- who do not roast coffee praise some roaster machines. First touch and then admiration.

kind rgeards