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Feb 13, 2006
Philadelphia, PA
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Since you don't need a degree to operate a small business I would suggest that you study what you find interesting and exciting! I think international studies with Spanish sounds great. Even better if you could spend a summer/semester/year study or traveling in Latin America.

If you think you might want to operate a cafe after college I would suggest educating yourself in other ways. Get a job in a cafe. Get some barista training if possible (always stands out on an application if I'm hiring a barista). In school take electives in management and finance. (my bias is not to bother with a business degree, though) Read the coffee trade magazines.

When you have to selec topics to write papers on, think about coffee! Taking a class on Latin American History? Look at the role coffee played on the development of their economies. You can use coffee to ask questions in a lot of areas of study; sociology, economics, history, etc...

Finally, drink lots of coffee.


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Mar 27, 2006
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I believe the previous post is correct and if possible add some business admin and accounting courses in, they will always come in handy no matter what you end up doing.