Espresso machine for a small start up cafe?


I am Kenn a 25yr old employee here in the Philippines who loves coffee. So to cut the long story short I plan to put up a very small café here in the Philippines. So to start my journey I did study in a barista class and learned a lot especially on how to operate the espresso machine. So right now my next step would be is to be able to buy an espresso machine to start creating my menu. So upon sending a lot of inquiries, I am torn on what brand i should choose for my machine. Below are the options given to me. Need your expert options on what I should consider buying from these brands below.

Option 1: Crem - EX3 Mini 2 group control
Option 2: Nuova Simonelli - Appia Life Compact Volumentric 2 Group
Option 3: LaCimbali - M23
Option 4: Casadio - Undici

Of course, I also plan to buy a grinder. Any specific brand i should look at?

Thank you for any help to be given.
Hi Kenn, we have the same coffee machine choices. Just want to know, which machine did you purchase? Torn between EX3 and Casadio. Thanks!
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