Buy my first fully automatic espresso machine, which one to choose?


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Mar 24, 2024
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I want to buy my first fully automatic espresso machine. And was looking for some input on which is the better buy of the models below?
Drink mostly cappuccino so prio one on the machine would be the milk frothing. Prio two is noise level, lower the better and prio three reliability.

Here are the models I have been looking at and current prices in USD.

Melitta Latticia One Touch - $387

Siemens EQ.6 Plus S100 - $579, option: "Used but like new without box" from store $492.

De'Longhi Magnifica Evo Ecam 292.81.B - $539

Philips 5400 EP5447/90 - $579

Philips EP3341/50 - $387

Any input is welcome!

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