Newbie seeking advice on what entry-level machine to buy! :)

Friends , I have read all your chat related to machines, according to me, I mostly love to spend my time with 3,4 very close friends, I checked many research articles but this procoffeeguide written procoffeeguide[.]com best article related to 4 cup coffee maker for small gathering of close friends. Am pleased to have this machine..
if you are looking for machine for small gathering then you can check out this article , it will help you a-lot , procoffeeguide[dot]com
Hey John_llm, Is that your site? If it is you might want to re write your description of Koffee Kults dark roast. I just shot a screen shot it and sent it to the owner of Koffee Kult. We both had a good laugh. We especially enjoyed the part where it said they "cooked" the beans. He said he didn't realize they "cooked" beans over there.
Honestly, I'd really steer you away from most of those machines. As other people have pointed out, they are made from questionable parts and there is really no longevity there. They're going to break in a few years and then you'll have to buy again in a few years. If you buy something in the $500-1000 range it should last for a decade or more. Lelit, Ascaso, La Pavoni, Quick Mill, etc. That's what you want, trust me!
Anyone searching for a great machine can instant message me- I've got a gorgeous pro-sumer machine that was professionally refurbished and works like new-the person who repaired it said whoever buys it could get in touch with him after purchasing to confirm with any questions... it's an all chrome beauty and basically I'm asking only a little more than it cost me to repair it because I couldn't bear the thought of it not working properly. It's an Alex Duetto 2 by Izzo- I've got the grinder as a package. LMK before I ebay it because I'd rather not have to.

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