Need advice: Which is a good fully automatic expresso machine


New member
Sep 5, 2020
Currently I own a Nespresso and want to invest in a good fully automatic expresso machine as I want to get the freshness of the beans and good coffee. I have looked at Breville, Saeco, Jura etc and am confused as I want to invest In a machine for the long term.

My budget is $1,000 USD.

My coffee choices are: expresso, cappuccino, Americano.

Thank you for your advice and input.


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Aug 16, 2020
For starters, it has to be Jura. They really are the best automatic espresso machines. However, you need to up your budget a little bit. The Jura E8 and Z6 are great machines but out of your budget but the best one for your money has to be the E6. You can read a review of the Jura E6 here.