5 important features to a cafe

success in the specialty coffee industry

Great Tips; However, there are many ohter keys that determines the success of a specialy coffee business.

Running a successful drive-thru specialty coffee business is not an easy task. Many factors and details are to be considered in order to produce quality beverages and deliver superior customer service.

Freshly made ingredients, well-trained baristas, consistent quality and superior customer service are all keys to a successful drive-thru business. However, the primary key to a successful business is the owner. A successful drive-thru owner must have the following required skills:

 Solid communication skills
 Great leadership skills
 Superior customer service skills
 Effective management skills
 Goal Setting and accomplishing skills
 Problem solving skills
 Sales skills

Great leaders have goals, plans and visions for their business. They are also able to share their goals and visions with others. Great leaders are well equipped with breath-taking organizational, communicational and motivational skills. They know exactly what their vision is and have a solid action plan for achieving unpredictable success.


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