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Howdy coffee lovers,

I recently wrote a new entry in my blog and I think it might be of interest to my fellow coffee business minded friends. My basic point is that Cigar smokers, Single Malt Drinkers and fine wine drinkers are the same market and we should cross promote with them.

http://rocketfuelcoffee.blogspot.com/20 ... -malt.html

Its a good observation... I think for sure that there are already huge synergies between these consumer groups....infact in many cases I know our single origin coffee customers are also Single Malt Scotch AND Cigar smokers! It is a generalisation, but these customers are normally upper quartile income earners, University educated and customers who are descerning... and very , very loyal to good product, great service.
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Love the word quartile... gave me the vapors.

After reading your post I said to myself "What Does Quartile Mean?" And so, I had to look it up.

Quartile: A statistical term describing a division of observations into four defined intervals based upon the values of the data and how they compare to the entire set of observations.

Each quartile contains 25% of the total observations. Generally, the data is ordered from smallest to largest with those observations falling below 25% of all the data analyzed allocated within the 1st quartile, observations falling between 25.1% and 50% and allocated in the 2nd quartile, then the observations falling between 51% and 75% allocated in the 3rd quartile, and finally the remaining observations allocated in the 4th quartile. Try not to confuse a quarter with a quartile.

And this gives you the vapors?

By the way...you have a very interesting blog! I intend to explore it more when I have some free time.