Absentee Owners?


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Jun 3, 2008
St Augustine, FL
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Does anyone here employee management for oversight of operations, while focusing on finance, quality control, scheduling, ordering - overhead functions?

We are strongly considering purchasing a site which is currently run in this fashion. The owner has multiple locations, under a different name, and the company is expanding to new locations quickly. The numbers for the older (5yrs) locations are strong (this remains to be proven by tax returns). It is the older location(s) which are available for sale. My guess is their company needs a cash infusion to continue forward on their growth plan.

To those of you who have experience working in a general management capacity:

If you take more of an 'overhead' role in the operation, what are the key performance indicators which must be monitored and tweaked in order to keep this type of business on track? What are the main drivers?

I am a finance girl so I tend to track all expenses as a % of Sales, daily reports, blah blah, blah... We own a real estate investment company but I am Completely aware that this is a TOTALLY different undertaking. I am here to learn. Reading books, visiting cafes, taking it all in!! : )

Appreciate any feedback!