Aceh Coffee

Indonesia obviously grows a lot of coffee. However most of this is Robusta, only around 13% is Arabica. Of this 13% around 60% of all Arabica comes out of Aceh (the PKGO coop, PT Hollands Gayo Mountain, Gayoland etc) or North Sumatra (Mandehlings, Lintongs, Sidikalangs etc).

The Acehnese Arabica's are periennial favorites, and a lot make their way to the USA through companies such as Fairtrade advocate ForesTrade...

Personally I rate Acehnese Arabica in the top 5 of coffee I roast from Indonesian origins. However I also think there are some really great origins out there that do not get the benefit and support through NGO funding that Aceh gets. With little more funding shared out through the rest of Indonesia, it would benefit coffee in general here.