Add Pressure Gauge to Europiccola 8 with inexpensive adapter


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Aug 10, 2009
Illinois and Spain
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After buying a Gaggia Factory with a pressure gauge I decided to add pressure gauges to my ancient Europiccola Pro 16, and my 2 Europiccola 8s (one brass; one chrome). Well as many know LaPavoni didn't make this easy, what with unusual thread sizes on the top sight tube holder's cap.

I have found an inexpensive source from a local machinist for either a stainless steel or brass pressure gauge adapter (about $20).
[attachment=1:13wft2qd]new insert.jpg[/attachment:13wft2qd]Available through:

Or you can do a mod like others:

1) change over the sight tube holders with a size that accepts the standard LaPavoni gauge (expensive and lots of work).
2) buy an expensive stainless adapter at over forty two bucks.
3) have an adapter machined for half that (you need to find a local machinist).
4) bodge an adapter (lots of work, cheap, but could ruin a hard-to-find part).