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Oct 20, 2016
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Hello y'all, I am new to a and hope it is ok to post selling add (Thank you! You rock!).
I am located in Dayton, Ohio and have 3 coffee (or other food) store / kiosks for sale. This kiosks are outdoor buildings (drive-trough style) but of course, they can also be placed inside.
First kiosk is equipped with pizza (or pretzel or flat-bread) making equipment but there may be just enough space to squeeze-in 1-group espresso machine, pour-over coffee machine and blender. Actually, I can equip other 2 kiosks in not just an espresso kiosk but in whatever you would like it to be (e.a. taco, pizza, ice cream, hot dog, mini donut, cotton candy, popcorn, etc...). Coffee can be your primary draw, side item or addition to your menu.

- My price is $44999 per kiosk or $99K for all 3 (fully equipped). Of course, best offer(s) are welcomed and all will be seriously considered.
- Delivery is handled by my contractor and is separate expense paid directly to delivery contractor (approximately $250-$500 locally (Dayton, Ohio) and further negotiated if long-distance). You are more than welcome to hire your own shipper.
This booths / kiosks can be perfect for school grounds, local stadium, church, race track, flea market, city corner, as addition to convenience store or bar (etc...).
Kiosks itself are professionally build by Porta King Co. All building certifications are included and posted inside building. Approximate dimensions: 10ft long, 6ft wide, 10ft tall (high ceiling - ergonomic and comfortable to stand inside).
Each kiosk contains
- Roof Air-Conditioner,
- Space Heater,
- Electrical system - panel with electricity outlets trough-out,
- 2 order windows,
- Commercial security entry door with operating lock and 2 sets of keys,
- Stainless stand/table with build-under cash drawer,
First kiosk is equipped with:

- Commercial NSF MERCO pizza/pretzel/food 2-tier display / warmer,
- Commercial NSF 3 pizza ovens - 4 baking decks total,
- Commercial NSF reach cooler/freezer with stainless metal lid that doubles-up as a prep / work table,
- Commercial NSF APW Woyt full size food / cookie warmer,
- Complete water system with clean and gray water tanks, on demand water pump, instant water heater and stainless steel hand sink.
- Outside serving shelves,
- Inside serving / order taking stainless steel shelve.
Before listing, I searched internet for some cool outdoor coffee kiosk design ideas and found a hundreds of pictures of similar. I even found McDonald's stores
in kiosk version (somewhere in Japan or S.Korea). They are pretty much the same buildings just with bit more space, variations of equipment, added signage, awning, ice drink barrels, few outdoor tables with chairs and umbrellas.

Please, feel free to call or text me with any questions or for pictures.
Thank you,



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