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Jun 13, 2008
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I keep my local coffee shop in business and am currently looking to buy a coffee machine for my home! The problem is as much as I love coffee I have no idea what to buy. Don''t mind if it''s automated or not - just want to be able to make fantastic coffee and reliable machine. Prepared to spend between $1000 and $2500. Would love any advice. Thanks..
Hello Aussie, I am assuming you are in Aussie. If so you could look at the Australian Consumer Magazine (published by the Australian retailer/consumer institute). They do a review on machines that are suited for top-end home use. If I am not wrong, last year the best value for money vs. quality of coffee (espresso) was the Sunbeam. It sells for around A$750 and comes in a nice Ferrari red. By th time you have your grinder you will have spent close to A$1000 I would say.


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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Stay clear of Superautomatic machines...these are the type of machine that, grinds the beans, makes the coffee froths the milk and ties your shoelaces for you.

If possible try for something with an E61 group although your mainly going to make flat whites, you will probably find an Heat Exchanger (HX) machine easier to use and it will have a better resale value. The HX machines allow you to brew coffee and have steam and hot water on tap at the same times....non HX machines, need to be switched into steam mode whenever steam is required.

A decent grinder is a must and is the area you must not skip on....if you can spend around £200+ on your grinder.