Versus line-up help me choose (Silvia, Bezzera Hobby, Quickmill 4100, ECM, Lelit, La Pavoni)


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Mar 13, 2024
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Hello Guys and Gals,
as you may have read in the title I am searching a entry level but mid enthusiast level Coffee Machine. I did a lot of research and I am sitting on the Internet for too many hours and still cant decide. For your understanding: I am from Austria and I am searching on the used market. After a while I found a few good options in a broad price range but I cant decide whats really worth it.

Racilio Silvia (V1-V6/E) in range of 250-500+ EUR/328-547 USD
Bezzera Hobby 250-300 EUR ~300 USD
Quickmill Pippa 4100 450-500EUR (my favorite so far)
ECM Casa 3-5 everywhere between 150 to 450 EUR for the newer ones
Lelit Anna - 300-400 non PID and 500 EUR PID version
La Pavoni Cada Bar PID 450 EUR

Sadly no used profitec go, not really into the gaggia classic because I want a little bigger boiler and heavier build.
What do I want? Sturdy build for one hand operation and repairability and a stable market for parts and online support. I was searching for PID options because I want to try light-medium roasted speciality coffee also. But there is only Lelit Anna but with their 57mm format... and the La Pavoni I am not sure how good it is, since there is literal ZERO information on it.

Have been so far in love with the Quickmill because its a beautiful and sturdy build machine. But I cant find any solid community mods for eventual PID if I decide. Which I see is not a problem for the rancilio which has a huge community.
The Bezzera machine is sure the best price/performance on my market for sure. Good condition machines for this price is amazing, crazy strong steaming wand. But I dislike the design.

Now its up to you dear community. I would love to hear your opinions or just experiences which any of those machines
Thank you can have a lovely day