Advice plz: Looking for a superauto for a small business


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Sep 22, 2004
I'm new to the forum, and also new to the business. My wife and I are opening a small bakery and want to offer coffee and espresso/latte/caps to our customers. I don't foresee a huge bsuiness, say around 100 cups/day for the near future. Although I am very picky about about what I drink, my wife knows NOTHING about coffee, and does not drink it, she will will also be the primary person staffing the store. That is why I am thinking about a superauto, it will be easy for her to use and will provide consistent results. Although the quality will not be "great", I believe that a superauto will prodcue a better shot than going to Starbucks or the equivalent.

To further make things easy for my wife, I am thinking about a machine that will also dispense steamed/frothed milk from an attached milk cooler, thus removing the necessity for her to learn how to froth milk consistently, and the need to clean the steam wand and pitcher all the time. Machines that I am looking at are the Jura S9, the Franke Ecolino 1-Step, Carimali F12. Any input on these machines, or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 22, 2004
You may want to talk to an expert before starting your own shop. Try talking to Andy from Cora Italian Specialties, he helped when I first started my coffee shop and has been more than generous in providing advises. They specialized in providing all coffee shop supplies (espresso machines, equipment, coffee, syrup, etc.)


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Aug 14, 2003
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When I worked at the casino...they had super-auto I hated those things!! They started with 18 for the service bars....after 3 years of being open they where down to 4...and usually only 3 where working at a time. They do not put out the "best" product! They should at the money they spent...think they paid around 18 grand each...stick with a semi auto...less to go wrong and puts out great product as long as you are trained well....and if you are buying a machine..have the sales guy train you...I would offer my services to train you but I really do not have the time right coffee guy he has time to do consulting :p
Good Luck