🏁 Sold LELIT ELIZABETH ESPRESSO MACHINE + ACCESSORIES : 12 MONTHS NEW (BARELY USED) - Price Reduced - $1,699 CDN for the LE + $ for Accessories


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May 26, 2018
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I am selling my 12 month new(barely 400 shots on it) Lelit Elizabeth (LE), as I have a very bad case of upgradeitis and have bought a Decent DE1 at 2 ½ times the value of a Lelit Elizabeth is in almost new condition, as I have cared for her lovingly (see information below on that). I bought the LE after carefully considering and rejecting all other options, based upon the advise of many (on HomeBarista and CoffeeTime). It is an ingeniously designed machine and the absolute best value in its price range. I would buy it again in a heart beat. I would keep it, if not for my terrible case of upgradeitis. The following are links to a detailed review and also a user manual written by David Corby of CoffeeTime; he’s not an “influencer”, but rather is an engineer with vast espresso machine design expertise. https://sway.office.com/YUuIpMmQlYAFkxIO https://sway.office.com/S5J4d9Jp4Y9LdVFx

I have lovingly cared for Elizabeth, by only using 0 TDS RO water (ZeroWater) with a dash of baking soda, using a water recipe recommended by LE aficionados. I further complete a backflush every day and a Cafeza backflush once a week. I also use a portafilter top screen, such that the group head and machine interior stays very clean. Finally, I complete a full brew boiler and steam boiler flush once a month, precisely following David’s maintenance instructions. I also clean and polish the stainless steel once a month. I have had only two minor issues with the machine: 1) it came with an earlier version an OPV valve, which was (at my insistence) replaced, and 2) most expresso steam knob valves use a compression fitting which includes a Teflon pad. I was not gentle enough with the knob and so the compression fitting wore and caused a steam leak. It has been replaced under warranty.

I am including the following essential items with the Lelit Elizabeth. The following are their retail values:

  • The Lelit Elizabeth $2,400 CDN
  • Lelit Bottomless Portafilter (wood handle) $135
  • Lelit Sprouted Portafilter (black handle) included
  • IMS Grouphead Screen (Competion – 01200NT) $55
  • Lelit Stock Screen included
  • Lelit Single and Double Baskets included
  • Lelit Blind Basket (for backflushing) included
  • Motta 750 ML Milk Jug (heavy steel, for better frothing) $75
  • Normcore Puckscreen $25
  • 3 x 70 Litre Lelit Filters $30
  • Total Retail (before 13% HST tax) $2,720
  • Taxes $353
  • Total Retail (with taxes) $3,073
Pre-owned espresso machines sell for 66% of retail (for fairly used machines) to 75% of retail (for excellent condition machines like mine). I have even seen posts at 80% of retail. I will make it available to you for $1,850 (66% of retail + tax), in order to facilitate your espresso journey + 66% of the retail value of any accessories. I could have posted this 75% of retail and then negotiate with you. However, I prefer to easily sell it. So my $1,850 CDN price for the LE (+ 66% of retail for the accessories) is firm. FYI, the accessories retail for $320 + tax = $361, so I can make them available to you for $240.

Payment is cash, e-transfer or using Paypal Goods and Services. Funds will need to fully clear before delivery of the LE. I can provide information on my reliability; I am well known in my professional community. And to any scammers out there – don’t even bother. I am well versed on your tactics and will be following all necessary anti-scam protocols.

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