SOLD - Eureka Mignon Specialita - Mint - 5 Months New! - $480 USD ($650 CDN)


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May 26, 2018
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This is THE Eureka Mignon Specialita, the most current model, just bought in June 2022. It includes:

- the standard hopper

- the Eureka Mignon Single Dose Hopper and Bellows (made by Eureka in clear plastic. It is not a 3D print knockoff).

- A large grind setting dial placed over the Eureka dial, which allows easier and more precise grind settings (the dial can be removed, if you prefer the OEM dial).

- The Portafilter Holder (fork)

It is the Black Mat finish version.

It is in absolute mint condition. It has had limited use (about 10 lbs of coffee, through morning espresso coffee grinding only, over 5 months). I have taken loving care of it, by periodically running cleaning pellets through it and also cleaning the burrs.

My intent was to keep it forever, having taken many many hours to research and decide to buy it, along with my Lelit Elizabeth. But then 5 months in I got “upgraditis”. So my weakness is your gain.

It is truly an awesome machine. Very very well built and fully featured. It is a great machine at an affordable price point. Full details are readily found on the net.

So up your espresso or pour over game. Get a great grinder, that easily fits on your apartment counter.

Here is the retail value of what I will sell you for only $650, as per the IDrinkCoffee site:

- The Eureka Mignon Specialita - $800

- The Eureka Single Dose Hopper and Bellows - $125

- The grinder dial upgrade - $40

Total $965 + HST = $1,090 x 60% (a steal) = $650 firm. You will save 40% ($440) over buying new, for this mint condition solid machine.

For sale to serious coffee lovers only. I will not communicate with resellers or tire kickers, or people looking for an unfair deal. If you found this, you know what it is. It is priced well, to sell.

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