Advise Please: Honduran coffee rank - quality, market value, popularity


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Jul 12, 2018
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Hey guys! it turns out that I have family in Honduras that grows coffee, and I only found out recently when I visited for the first time. They have huge beautiful foggy fincas up in the mountains (1400) m above sea level. They mainly sell it raw or wet as they call it to the factories near by to be processed, but they also toast and package some of it in small quantities for the family's consume and local sell. So, I want to hear advises and opinions of how Honduran coffee ranks in terms of quality, market value, and popularity, because to be honest I have never seen my local supermarkets or coffee shops here in California or Louisiana where I also lived advertising Honduran coffee. My family there is really nice and, they even offer me my own piece of land to cultivate and be my own provider. Although, I dont know if this is an advantage since I will have to invest a lot to maintain it all year round. Is it worth it for me to bring some of that coffee to the US and try to sell it ? If so, what is the first step I should take?


they have the honduran exportation permit already, but they never exported directly to the US.
the coffee they sell locally is in 2 forms (ground) and (toasted) or dry. It is packed but not labeled.
the coffee supply is reliable and steady
I have at least one small market in my neighborhood that is willing to test the sell of the coffee.​


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