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Jul 24, 2020
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Yes, you read that right. We, Poles, also have our own original way of preparing coffee. And although, looking with a sober eye, it was in a way forced by history and the economic situation. Well… we have our coffee. I admit that while looking for more information, I even found two versions of it. But only one is palate-friendly. Why? Keep reading!
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Historical sources say that ...
traditional Polish coffee has its origins in Turkey. This is not surprising given the fact that in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, our country had close economic and diplomatic relations with Ottoman Turkey. Therefore, in this edition, Polish coffee is very aromatic and somewhat… extravagant by our today's standards.

To brew it in the style of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pour a portion of coffee and cardamom into a saucepan, pour very cold water. Then heat it up, being careful not to bring it to the boil. Wait 3 minutes and repeat the operation twice. Then take the cream and ground almonds and bring to boiling water.

Serving the coffee is just as important. Put 1 egg yolk at the bottom of the cup, beat it and then add hot coffee. Then add the cream with almonds, and on the top we put a special, thick wafer, which is to resemble a thick sheepskin. And we drink! ...

Who will dare ?;) I don't think so ...

Fortunately, coffee in Polish in today's edition ...
it is a bit more affordable. As you can guess - it's an ordinary popular "parzucha". My parents drank it and although the next generations treat it a bit neglectfully, it is still a popular alternative to other coffees. And the most important question is, do you brew it properly at home?

I admit that I would not be so smart if it weren't for the home barista course I attended a few months ago. More about it: home barista course ... Let me just say that it was one of the few moments when after the course I didn't feel like having a coffee anymore! After a few hours of tasting, talking and testing coffee, even I said enough!;)

How to make Polish coffee well?
Because in general, in most cases it looks like this - pour some coffee into a glass, pour boiling water over it, wait for the sheepskin to fall and add milk and sugar or not, depending on your preferences. As it turns out, there are at least two errors in this short description. What?

Coffee - must be ground coarser. This is the time the coffee is in contact with hot water. If it is ground too much, pouring hot water over it will lead to overburning. As a result, instead of being aromatic, it will be excruciatingly bitter.

Water - not boiling! Ideally, it should be 94 degrees, but since hardly any of us have a kettle with a thermometer, let's just wait a moment before pouring it over the coffee.

So let's go to work ...
because coffee in Polish is made very simple. We need a glass / mug / cup, coarsely ground coffee and hot water.

step 1 - pour the right amount of coffee, boil water, bring it to boiling water, wait a moment

step 2 - when the water is no longer boiling, pour a small amount of it into our glass with coffee. We do the so-called preinfuzję. And in practice ... mud. So we mix the coffee with a little water and wait about 2 minutes

step 3 - pour the remaining amount of water, stir it, wait for about 4 minutes and have an aromatic brew ready

The biggest surprise for me was the fact that coffee is not covered with boiling water. And the second that pre-infusion should be made to give the coffee a breather and thus allow it to release all aromas. How are you? do you drink coffee in Polish?