My new Rocket Mozzafiato type V


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Apr 30, 2023
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Thought I would post my feelings on my Mozzafiato now that I have had it one month. This is my first "real" espresso machine. I have used a $200 Capresso machine for 4 years, and thought it was time to step-up up my game.
  • espresso machine: Rocket Mazzafiato type V (vibration pump)
  • grinder: Fiorenzato F4 nano

The bad...
1) The cover on the water take is dangerous. Really. Day 2, I cut my thumb on it just taking off the lid to add water. It was a good sized slice, not just a little paper cut. See my bloodythumb pic.
2) I modified the water tank cover and added a chrome knob. I like it much better. One could make a valid argument that a machine that cost that much should not need modifications right out of the box. I would agree. See my pic of the machine with the knob I added. Look for a small chrome knob on the water tank lid.
3) I sent a picture of my injury to rocket USA. They chose not to respond.
4) the water tank cover has other design flaws. when you take set it on the counter, the entire interior surface of the cover makes contact with the counter. The issue is that inevitably coffee grounds, sugar, etc, stick to the inside (or bottom) of the cover. When you place the cover back on the water tank, that debris will fall into the tank. Really a stupid design. By making the four posts on each corner of the cover just 1/64" on an inch longer, the cover would sit on the legs and not the interior of the cover. problem solved. I don't understand how Rocket could release a product with a design flaw like this. Do they ANY user feedback? Probably not, since they don't respond to customer comments.
5) I chose not to spend the extra for the rotary pump. Unlike some machines, the Mozzafiato with rotary pump will work with the built in water tank and does not need to be plumbed into a water line. The vibration pump is very noisy and just shall I put it...clumsy, loud, and stupid. I wish I would have spent the extra money and bought the rotary pump. The Mozzafiatto was, for me, an expensive purchase. I chose the vibration pump to save a few hundred dollars.
6) The little LED indicates the water is hot. However, the E61 group head is still cold. I'm not sure when it's REALLY warmed up and ready. caveat: I should double check the manual. maybe I have missed something.
7) The drip tray is so much smaller than it should be. There appears to be adequate room for the designers to have made the drip tray larger, but they chose not to. When the 3-way solenoid valve kicks in and drains the group head, it will splash coffee on the counter unless the drip tray is empty.

The good...
1) It looks so amazing. People see it on my counter and 500 questions - even people who don't drink coffee.
2) I can pull some damn fine shots with this machine. (in my opinion)
3) The E61 head really makes a difference. If I pull the first shot before it's fully warmed, I can taste the difference. however, for that first shot in the AM, I'm not sure how to tell when the grouphead is warmed up. (see number 6, above).
4) the built-in shot timer is soooo useful. Maybe an experience barrista would not need it, but I find VERY useful. I often make a modified lunga, and pull the shot for 45 seconds or so.
5) The PID display, tucked away behind the drip tray, is super a great feature.
6), this thing will heat up milk in a hurry.
7) The 3-way valve is a must have. My old $200 machine did not have a 3 way valve, and scraping out the coffee every time is a major PITA.

Even though I like the Mozzifiato, the design issues really bother me. GIven the price they charge, I expected better. However, this is my first high end machine. Maybe they all have flaws. I am really annoyed that I contacted the US HQ and sent them my picture of my thumb injury, and they chose not to respond.

Overall, If I were to but another sub $2500 machine, I would skip Rocket and look elsewhere. If I were in the market for a pro-sumer dual boiler machine, I would still skip Rocket. What kind of company does not respond when you inform them of an injury caused by their machine??


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