Longer Term Machine Storage


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Oct 21, 2023
Rochester, NY
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Hi All, I have 3 expresso machines. A Nuevo Simonelli Musica for my primary home machine, a backup Nuevo Simonelli Oscar Professional and a Delonghi Dedica Deluxe for our camper. They are all great for what they are for. The Musica gets used a couple of times a day. The Oscar Professional sits for months then is brought out for a party or when we car travel and want a machine with us. The Delonghi sits empty all winter and is used when we camp throughout the summer season, it's small footprint is great for a small A-Frame camper.

I just brought the Oscar out of semi-retirement after a year in storage for a road trip and when I first turned it on, it took quite a while to fill the boiler. Not the "it takes a long time for the pump to move water" but more of a "it took a long time for the pump to get started. I had to turn the machine on and off several times afraid of running the pump too long "dry". Eventually I heard it catch and once it filled the boiler, it worked fine all week.

I only use filtered water and all my machines are descaled and backflushed properly and on schedule.

The Delonghi never seems to be a problem, it is small, easy to empty and I store it cleaned, dried and empty in our camper. It always fires up in the spring and does an acceptable job when we camp.

My question is on the Nuevo SImonelli Oscar Professional. We are back from our trip and it's time for the Oscar go to back into storage (cleaned, wrapped and stored in our dry basement storage area). I back flushed it, emptied and washed the removable water tank - should I empty the boiler as much as I can with the steam wand and group head before putting it away?

Any advice is appreciated.