The most popular types of coffee - Espresso romano


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Jul 24, 2020
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Today it's time for a taste refreshment in an unusual edition. We will combine the taste of intense coffee with slightly sour notes of lemon. Are you frowning just at the thought? Me too ... until I made it at home. And you know… coffee served this way has something to do with it!
wednesday with coffee

Espresso Romano ...
is another variation on the immortal base, which is espresso. Because this small, strong infusion can create really perfect coffees - for example cappuccino, macchiato or flat white (see: the most popular types of coffee: flat white). It's all a question of the proportion of coffee and additives such as milk, chocolate or cream. In the case of Espresso Romano, the coffee appears solo here - with an unusual, by coffee standards, sour lemon flavor.

And just as the recipe for Greek fish does not come from Greece, and Russian dumplings from our eastern neighbors, you will not find Espresso Romano in the streets of Rome. I admit that I was looking for the origins of this coffee, but I have not found a reliable source anywhere. Apparently it helps with a hangover, but ... it's just a forum for a few people ...

To make Espresso Romano ...
you don't need much - a portion of espresso, a lemon slice, a warm cup. And optional sugar. I don't usually use it for coffee, so I don't need it. However, I know that many of you cannot imagine coffee without even a little sugar. So, let's go!

Step 1 - heat the cup - you can do it by pouring boiling water into it and waiting for the dish to be warm, or put it in a warm oven for a while. However, the boiling water option is faster. Just remember to pour the boiling water out of the cup before pouring the espresso!

Step 2 - we make espresso. If you have a coffee machine, the problem is solved. If you do not have it, a coffee maker or a drip will replace it. It can also be an infusion from an ordinary pouring water, called coffee in Polish.

Step 3 - take a lemon, wash it, scrub it, scald it. Cut off a slice and rub it over the edges of the previously warmed cup. We cut another lemon wedge and throw it into the cup.

Step 4 - Pour hot, aromatic espresso into the cup. Optionally, add a little sugar. And… we enjoy the taste: D

Coffee like this ...
not everyone will like it. Yes, this flavor combination is slightly unusual, but it is worth trying, if only as a curiosity. We usually eat something sweet with our coffee. Espresso Romano with its citrus, very perceptible aroma will perfectly break and refresh at the same time. I immediately associated it with in combination with Easter mazurkas or sweet meringues ... Note, however - for coffee traditionalists, this taste will be rather insurmountable ...

Personally, however, I recommend trying it, for example out of ordinary coffee curiosity ...