Advise Please: How to make good coffee whilst trucking!


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May 16, 2019
Hello everyone,

[FONT=&quot]Hi, my wife and I are proud owners of a Nespresso "Inissia". We love great coffee and wanted to take the machine with us whilst I accompany him for a few months in his truck (he is a professional commercial driver). We had checked the wattage etc before setting up in the truck (the truck has a built in inverter) and were so excited to take our first cup.... well guess what? You got it.... it doesn't work in the truck... we tried several times but to no avail... otherwise it works fine at home. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the machine working in the truck? We are prepared to do whatever it takes! We just need good coffee.... All suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys 🙏




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May 11, 2014
Kansas City
Bonavita full immersion dripper

I agree with this suggestion... SUPER EASY to make kick-ass coffee using this dripper. Add filter, coffee and pour with hot water... wait four minutes and place over mug. For hot water - check out the Bonavita .5 liter mini kettle
I would recommend the Bonavita Full immersiuon dripper over the smart dripper.
They both work the same way. Filter cone with open/shut valve at base of cone.
Bonavita is slightly more expensive - but worth it.
The smart dripper is plastic. It doesn't last long. Mine lasted less than 1 year, Cracks in plastic appeared. Looked unsanitary.
The bonavita is (mainly) ceramic. I have been using mine for 7 years. Good as new.