Help Please: Coffee maker advice - possibly considering a Technivorm


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Jan 2, 2021
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Thanks for looking here, I will try to be specific (knowing me, probably too specific :lol: ) I am looking for a really good coffee maker. My family and I really enjoy a good, smooth cup of coffee. We usually use a medium roast, but move around a bit, sometimes going for a dark roast and sometimes going for a light roast, we do enjoy a variety. I work at home and tend to sip coffee in my thermal mug off and on all day while I work.

We bought a Breville Smart Grinder Pro a few months ago and I really love it, what a difference it has made. How I ever got by without a really good burr grinder I will never know. So now it's time to upgrade the coffee maker! I am currently using a Mr. Coffee cheapo from Costco. I likely want another drip machine, as this is simply for something to load with water and coffee, turn on, and walk away while it brews, something for every day hectic mornings. I don't want to say price is no object, but I am willing to spend some (for me) serious money to end up with a really good cup of coffee. A few hundred is not going to bother me. My wife and I don't smoke, hardly ever get around to drinking, and really enjoy a good cup of coffee, so I am willing to call this my one serious vice. I am considering learning to roast my own coffee in the future, but that is a whole other project. I do make at least the first pot in the morning for four of us, sometimes more, so a one or two cup machine probably isn't right for us. At the strong recommendation of a local barista I like, I have been looking at Technivorm, and specifically at the KBT with the thermal carafe. We are NOT stuck on a thermal carafe, but my wife thinks we should try one this time, especially since we have (most inconveniently) busted a few glass carafes over the years (instant panic usually sets in). Lastly... I think.... I typically brew a 52 ounce pot of coffee first thing in the morning and occasionally a second partial pot for another cup or two in the afternoon, although sometimes I use our Keurig K-cup machine for this but prefer my own brewed. The 40 ounce, (and 40 ounce only!) KBT is not ideal in this sense, but I may have to adapt if this turns out to be my best option.

So, what I am looking for is advice on other machines that I should perhaps consider. We are probably NOT looking for anything that does expresso at this point, unless there is something magic out there that is a really cool does-everything combination of some kind.

Greeting everyone, neat forum!!!!! I have much to learn!



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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello CoffeeHolicMike,

Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

I recall reading several discussions about the Technivorm coffee maker recently, and I know a few people have that machine. Hopefully, some of them will be able to give you some insight and help you make a decision.

Weekends are traditionally slow on the Coffee Forums, so it may take a day or two for you to receive a response.

~ Rose


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Jan 2, 2021
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Thanks Rose, for letting me know that weekends can be slow here. I'll hang around patiently and read other threads for a few days, I'm sure it'll be worth it. Have a good weekend.


Jan 27, 2022
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I think most of the drip machines are good or great. If you have a digital scale and measure the water and the grounds, you will get good to great coffee from just about any machine. If, in addition, you have a good burr grinder, you can achieve wonderful coffee with just about any machine. IMO YMMV


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Nov 22, 2022
I had a Technivorm Mocha Master for a few years. It's a very good drip machine. I eventually replaced it with a Behmor Brazen + 2.0 (they are now 3.0). This is noticably better auto drip. It has a pre-soak step for the grinds, and you can program the temp to exactly what you want. I've been using the Behmor for 3 years or so now, and have no complaints. It's also cheaper than the Technivorm.

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