Advise Please: Some questions on roasting and selling coffee from home.


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Sep 12, 2018
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Hi All!

My husband use to have a coffee shop in Alabama 15 years ago. We moved to TN and he still roasts for himself. I was entertaining the idea of selling his fresh roasted coffee at the local farmers market as well as barn sales. My kiddos were hoping to sell it as a fund raiser around Christmas time door to door. Where do I start? Permits, licencees, health department? (I've heard coffee isn't considered a food until it brewed.) Does our roaster need to be inspected first, etc. etc. Also,if you have sold before at either of these venues, how did you package? How may lbs did you sell a day? (I think his roaster can roast 12 lbs at a time.) How many flavors did you offer? How much did you charge a bag? I'm looking at selling it for $15 per pound. We purchase and pick up our green beans from New Orleans. I'm not sure if things have change since he had his coffee shop but there are coffee houses popping up all around here! He has so many folks asking if he sells his coffee and I'd love to jump on that band wagon!

Thanks so much!!



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Nov 10, 2017
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Hi JJ,

All great questions that have been answered in various posts, just read a bit. The permit's will depend on your location and or where your sole intention to sell is. As far as roasting goes many people who have started as your describing have done so form there garage. Some have went out and got all necessary licenses and others just started cold turkey until they outgrew. If he can roast 12 lb he has a 6 kg roaster so i'm guessing he has ventilation etc all covered. Where is he currently roasting? As far as profit margins there are tons of variables such as bean cost, packaging, rent, labor among may others before you can target a price for your product.

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