Althetes and Caffeine


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Athletes in the study where given the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee. I love my coffee but 4 cups gives me the jitters too.

I would have loved to read information regarding how a controled dosage of caffeine per athlete based on their normal caffeine intake and height/body wieght ratios would work out. Maybe give them 1 cup of coffee instead of 4 cups. I know coffee and caffeine has been previously proven, and proven again by generations of studys to benefit soldiers in battle, physical performance and mental awareness both increases with a cup of joe. Not to mention moral.

Still an alright written article, but biased study?
Maybe. Maybe I'm biased against the study.[/b]


Coffee beans

Coffee beans are my best friend. I am a athlete and am on the way to state. I had some chocolate covered coffee beans before my game and I played my best, I was so on during that game. The beans helped me, and I am sure that I would not do as good without them