Ambex 10 Kilo for sale!


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Sep 28, 2009
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I have finally admitted defeat. I need to sell my equipment.
Ambex YM-10 Roaster:
Fetco 2.2 Grinders (two of them):
1 gp espresso machine with warmer:
concessions cart:

The roaster is hardly been used. It is set to propane at the moment, but it can be changed over to natural gas. Everything is in prime condition.

The only item I am having a hard time valuing is the espresso machine. If you think the price is out of whack, please tell me and I will take another look at it. All these items are price negotiable, but I believe they are "priced to move" to say. The roaster is currently on a trailer, and we can work out some delivery options, and I am also willing to sell the trailer with the roaster.

Please contact me at the number listed on craigslist or though the anon email on there. Thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions on selling this equipment more effectively, I am all ears.

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