Ambex ym-2, Probat L-5, Deidriech IR 3 How much??

Best value for the price?

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I am trying to price these three roasters and for some reason getting a price quote seems to be difficult. Can anyone give me ball park prices for these roasters, the more info the better i.e. shipping costs (to Canada). I'm not planning to purchase a roaster for another year and a half but I'm trying to do some financial planning. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,

CanyonCoffee said:
Have you tried calling the companies? When we were shoping for a roaster I was in contact with all three that you mention. They were all very helpful.

I have been in email contact with the companies I am not planning to buy a roaster for another year or so, but I am starting some early research.



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Apr 4, 2006
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Does it have to be new?
Check E-bay first if not or this forum.

I tried getting with Deidriech on a CR-60 and they refused to quote me a price for some reason even when all I was asking for was a ballpark figure. Always prefered Probats anyway but my employer seemed to think he could get a Deid cheaper.