SOLD: 2014 Ambex YM-2

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Jun 20, 2016
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Hi all- I'm selling my 2014 Ambex YM-2 coffee roaster and all accessories- perfect for starting a roasting business, or for using a shop/sample roaster. I bought the roaster brand new in 2014, after a 3 month wait (they're built to order) and have pampered it since day 1. I purchased it as a hobby/part-time biz (roasted coffee in college and enjoyed it), but don't have much time to put into roasting these days. I've roasted exactly 877.5 pounds on it over 2 years, and in coffee roasting terms, that's practically nothing. I've roasted on all sorts of roasters over the years (Ambex, Primo, US Roaster Corp), and chose Ambex based on quality of the machine and quality of the roast. Meticulously cleaned and greased. Runs on propane, not natural gas. Have never had a single issue with the machine. The roaster also comes with Logging Dynamics software to track and profile your roasts. The software hooks up to the roaster via a USB cord and is a great tool for designing your own roasts. This isn't the software that automatically adjusts the burners to follow a profile, but rather gives you a visual of your roast over time; you still have to adjust fans/burners as needed.

2 kilogram capactiy (4.4 pounds), but in reality, I've found 4 pounds is the maximum for consistent, even roasts. Each roast takes about 15 minutes ( +/- 1 to 2 minutes depending on roast level), and with cool down periods between roasts (to prevent scorching), you can expect to roast 3.5 cycles/hour, which yields about 11 pounds of roasted coffee per hour (assuming 20% weight loss). Raw coffee costs, depending on quantity/quality will cost you about $4.50-$7/lb. I've found at $13-$15 pound retail, hourly profits have the potential to range from $66 - $115/hour. About half that for wholesale sales.

Also included is an external chaff collector, heat sealer, approximately 100 1/2 lb biodegradable coffee bags, a 100 pound propane tank (needs to be filled), 2-stage pressure regulator and all necessary pipes for venting. You can run this machine on smaller liquid propane tanks (like the ones used for grills). Fuel costs are extremely cheap, approximately $0.10/pound.

Price is $7,000 cash. Add $200 if you want to pay with a credit card or debit card via PayPal since they take a fee of 2.9%.

Here were my costs:
Roaster: $8,900
S/H: $325
Propane tank & 2-stage pressure regulator: $179
Heat sealer: $75
Vent piping: ~$100
Bags: $33
TOTAL: over $9,600

Located in Hendersonville, NC. 30 mins from Asheville, NC. 2 hours from Charlotte, NC. Pickup only. Can be transported easily in a van, SUV, or in the bed of a pickup truck. The roaster weighs 125 pounds. I'm happy to help you load it, and we can roast a batch of coffee and go through the basics of the machine together. I'm happy to answer questions.



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