Ambex YM-2 roasting temps


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Aug 27, 2004
Louisville, KY
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Well, even though I said their recommendation is 13 minutes, my first crack time is more normally in the 11 range as well. My finish time for a typical "medium" roast would also be in the 14 -15+ range. If I am roasting a dark roast, then it is a little longer. As I stated, the equilibrium point and first crack time are simply what I was taught in the seminar, not necessarily what I achieve or practice. My first year as a commercial roaster was so busy that I rarely had time to experiment, therefore I followed their pattern somewhat. Now that I have been at it a little while, I am trying to put a little more thought and experiment into the process. Unfortunately, as I wear all the hats in my business and I roast a huge variety of organic coffees ( I sell 15 different organics!), time to truly explore the possibilities is just not a luxury I enjoy.

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