Ambex YM2 and everything you need to start,


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Aug 13, 2008
BC Cananda
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Due to my health I am putting this setup up for sale, A complete Roasters setup based on the Ambex Ym2, this one is only about 5 mos old (my second one) and the kit includes everything from 1000 lbs of top Quality greens to scales, bins, sealer, bags, label printer, 17"Laptop and much more.
even an Andreja Premium and Macap grinder if you like for testing your products.
PM me for detailed list and make me an offer.
Everything is located in central British Columbia, Canada so if you''re close enough you could pick it up and save even more from shipping.
some pictures are @

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Green beans

I have had a lot of response from all over the US and some from Canada, but no deal yet.
I have one interested party who wants most of the kit but not the beans. So my question is are there interested parties "IN Western Canada" who would be interested in (somewhere between) 1000 to 1200 of very nice green beans ?? Purchased from Ken Gabbay in Montreal. Shipping is very expensive (and I allready paid $675.-) so the closer to BC/Alberta the better. Email me for a list there are 11 opened but nearly full bags/types . (to be weighed before sale).
Regards, Ed
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Thanks to everybody who helped me out and or showed interest in our setup. We sold it all to a local gent who is very exited to continue this venture and make it grow, I love the fact that it is staying local and that they have asked me to stay "a little" involved and help them get it growing.
Thanks again and good luck to you all, Ed