An awesome espresso that you have to try

Java Jolt

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Sep 1, 2005
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My partner and I purchased a Jura S9 about a year ago to replace the many
coffee makers that performed poorly and made bad coffee. We sample an espresso at Williams Sanoma and fell in love with the machine and espresso as well.

This is a long way to the point but we searched for an exceptional espresso bean and found one through the Caracolilo Coffee Mill in Tampa (in business since 1936). They roast and ship within 24 hours. Here again, as some of you have mentioned about your experience in speaking with company owners, my experience with Julian was great and he is passionate as well about his espresso. He keeps the origin of the bean to himself and states that it is of course what makes this espresso exceptional. This bean for some reason exhibits no surface oil after roasting but oil does surface within 48 hours. We purchase 5# at a great price and I have not found another roaster with this comparable priceing for the quality. Worth the try. I am still a novice on all the lingo and termonology surrounding expresso and bean roasting. Does anyone know of a good printed resource??

Cheers and happy drinking


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Sep 9, 2005
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Sounds fun. Also, try The Roasterie's Organic Espresso. It got a really high rating on Kenneth David's

So, you like the new espresso machine? I was curious about that model. Is the portafilter "solid" and even?