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Jan 11, 2018
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Right from the primitive age the percentage of pollution done to environment is constantly increasing every decade, which is not naturally but due to the advancement done in each and every sector by us. We have drastically polluted the earth in last 5 decade like it was never done before. The proof is global warming, which we can see all around us, collapsing of ice bergs, holes in ozone, increased radiation of sun, rise in temperature, uncertainty of seasons, cyclones-tornados-twisters. The list goes on and on.. We have affected each and every thing right from deep oceans water to Lava Mountains. If we continued in this way then one day will come when we would be not able to see this again, so it’s good for us and future generation, to take care and be responsible in conserving Mother Nature.
Many big manufacturing companies and lots of other people who are tycoons in their sector are also not taking steps and are not socially responsible for nature and environment, they do water and air pollution and avoid steps to fight with the same and eradicate it. Instead they are earning a lot, on the cost of environment. There are also owners who are aggressively adopting each and every nature friendly steps and covering every aspect where they can reduce the pollution as possible. Government has awarded such manufacturers by giving subsidy in many ways and also recognition.
Companies in some developed sector are implementing measures to see that the pollution stays to at least level as possible. The use or manufacture the products which are recyclable, they use solar and wind energy where possible, creating green office, ventilation is given in such a way that it saves electricity and light, if there is possibility of producing that from water sources then that is also implemented.
Primarily the focus of the world is on targeting as many people who can contribute towards developing a healthy environment, now the question arise what are the steps which will be feasibly implemented by a common man? First the awareness is created among adults, why these steps are now necessary and what will happen if we continue doing the same thing and later suggest them to tell their kids. A common man can establish a solar setups at the roof which will somewhat power his/ her house, making them to save a few bugs. Later they can take measures of not wasting any thing,
The trending hot topic to develop a cool green environment is using of Bio degradable products instead of just disposable. In not only food but each and every item which is mostly thrown by people here and there and which is not compostable. In government as well as private sector the establishment of these has been started. When employees arrive in morning they are served coffee/tea, any hot drinks in paper cup which are easily degradable any even if you bury that set of cups in flower pot they are going to easily compost and nurture the soil, so this implementation is quite affective and corporate are also adopting these which have significantly decreased the plastic waste, for lunch and dinner they use paper plates which are confirmed to be environment friendly. Taking initiatives of using these types of preventive measures ultimately leads to creating awareness among surrounding peoples also and this creates a chain which will inspire many people. Paper straws are also served in many restaurants outlets for many cold and hot drinks, and they have been recognized by many NGO’s and government for their environmental initiative. While using disposable plates consider it to dispose in the place where it will nurture the soil and it can be useful again, as we all know these biodegradable products are made up of things like Bagasse it will ultimately degraded in soil. The customization in these eco friendly products is up to such a level that even if you demand clear plastic plates or clear plastic cups you can get that also with the compostable property. Now a day even when you are partying in pubs or any damn place you will easily see paper napkins on your table which is also green, green in the sense of attribute that it is compostable not in green color.
That was the scenario when the opposite environment is aware, what about you? Next time you going to take a sip of that milkshake with a doughnut in your hand make sure to suggest that person to use coffee cups with lids which are nature-friendly and if he is already using appreciate it and also take your friends and family to that place only. Many times you might see a printed disposable coffee cups in the paper tray but don’t get confused, it is also biodegradable. The paper coffee cups, plastic dinner plates etc are printed if the buyer needs it to be customized. The ink which is used is also compostable and non toxic, and many times food color is also used which gives ensure the product being 100 percent eco-friendly.
The most affected region due to plastic is aquatic life many fishes dies every day due to waste being thrown in the sea. Beaches have tons of plastic waste which is not discarded properly and which is not even degradable results into water pollution.
So what we need is to just slightly change our day to day using items and that will collectively lead to a whole new change. If not now, then it will be too late, switch to green products, buy from genuine biodegradable sellers and contribute to well being of your home, The Planet Earth.