Any Organic Eco friendly coffee houses out there?

Sep 7, 2008
Las Vegas
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I wanted to know if there were any other organic eco friendly coffee houses out there. Wanted to say Hello and ask questions about what products you carry. Do you use compostable cups? From which company? and how much do you pay? Do you reflect this in your prices? and how is the customer perception to eco friendly?

What kind of syrups do you carry and do you make smoothies?

I am having a hard time trying to make blended drinks! smoothies aren't that bad. I make a good pear smoothie but, the espresso blended drinks are coming out bad. Thank God I am not open yet because I wouldn't even buy it!

I want to avoid buying a base for the blended drinks because I can't find anything that is organic or reasonably priced.

I was reading you can use barley flour, pectin, rice syrup, condensed milk and gelatin as a thickening agent.

I am gonna experiment and let anyone interested know which one comes out decent.

The blended espresso drinks come out foamy tasting right now.

anyways, any information is always appreciated.