anyone know of a registry of coffee shops with reviews?


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Sep 17, 2007
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When I''m traveling I''m so desperate for a good espresso and never know where to look. Does anyone know of an online resource that could help me find a good espresso that''s not just watery brown liquid? Or maybe we should start one here? I''d like reviews about the espresso, not the ambiance or baked goods.

I''ll start with my favorite: Joe''s in NYC (Greene str, e13th str and Waverly Pl).

My review:
Their espresso is so short and strong with a tremendously thick crema that makes it take forever for the sugar to fall through. It is so chocolate-y that sugar is barely needed.

Here''s another that sometimes passes my approval test:
Immaculate Consumption, (Main str, Columbia, SC)
They roast their own beans, coffee quality is good, but it''s hit or miss with the baristas working there.