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Sep 24, 2006
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I received a catalog and checked some of their prices, they also boast "free freight". I'm curious is anyone has used them before?

I almost used Bigtray for our major equipment purchases when we opened. They had the best prices, as compared to local sources. I could have saved $2000 on equipment costs, but chose to go with a local restaurant and bar supply company. Some of the rfrigeration units weighed hundreds of pounds. I decided I didn't want for a truck to drop off 10 crates in our parking lot and leave. I went with a local company, at a slightly higer price, and they delivered the items, uncrated them, and set them in place in our shop. It was worth $2000 to have someone else do it...
I was not happy with the local vendor's pricing, and I showed them the pricing I received from Bigtray and they came back with a lower price. They could not match the lower price, but knowing Bigtrays prices will allow you to negotiate a better price.

I did purchase all of our small bar equipment from Bigtray, and yes, they do have free freight over $250.

Also, if you need to outfit a shop and don't mind uncrating and moving the equipment, call Bigtray and ask them for pricing on a package deal. They will offer even lower prices than advertised on their website.

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Mar 7, 2007
Atlantic City, NJ
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Thanks JD! I'd love to go with a local company, but I'll have to see. I will be sure to use the Big Tray prices and I am glad to hear that you had a good experience ordering some things from them.

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Sep 18, 2007
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BigTray is a great compnay to work.

I did my entire set up package with them and were able to save me about 5K (on a 35K package) over my local vendor on the equipment alone. The previous responder claim of 20 crates showing up just isn''t true.

They have a guy over there who was in constant contact w/ me to keep us abreast of extactly what was being delivered when. And they staggered teh delivery fpr us so it came in small very managible batches.

And if your worried about getting it inside and moving the equipment, how do you expect to clean behind it? Just do what I did and get wheels for everything.

I do agree with calling them for a package price though, but dont let a littel sweat scare you from ordering, I love those guys!!

Also on a side note, if you ever break anything or need to order more plates and stuff they kepp all your orders on file and can access it in seconds to get you extra plates, knives, glasses and other stuff!!