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Feb 12, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for having me at this forum! I posted a short about me in the introductions section here but for those who haven't seen it, I recently started my own coffee company in the midst of the pandemic. I resigned from my position of a Customs Brokerage manger in imports in order to peruse my dream of owning a business. I plan on using my skills in imports in order to bring the best coffee around the world to your coffee mugs!

In an effort to say thank you for having me and to give back to the forum, I have created a special discount code for you to use in our shop. Receive a 10% discount by using "SmallBusiness" at checkout or by using the below link:

Astonishing Coffee Co. specializes in single origin blends. Currently in stock we have our Kenya AA Dark Roast, our customers have fell in love with this product. More origins will be added soon so make sure you stay updated with our newsletter.

We are a small company trying to expand and get our name out there, so even if you do not purchase anything but intrigued in our journey, like and follow our Facebook and Instagram:

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