Attention StarBucks, please come to South Africa


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Jun 29, 2006
south africa
Coffee in this neck of the woods is getting better. We do have much 2nd rate coffee, which the public accept.

Head and shoulds above the rest for coffee is Seatle coffee Co - thank goodness they are here. They are not very busy though.... They dont seem to promote themselves at all, appart from the coffee card - get your 11th coffee free. But, i'm gratefull they give us very good coffee.

OK - starbucks, when are you coming here to shake things up a little. I would be in my element if you guys decided to open up here.

cheers, and look forward to seeing starbucks here soon... lol


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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx

If you really want one it would be easiest to get with one of the larger hotel chains and have thenm do one of the "Proudly serving Starbuck..."shops. Its a pretty good deal for them...however Africa has GREAT coffee and you might be able to convince on of the plantations there to open a store front instead. It would be better quality coffee or at least fresher because getting Starbucks to SA would me it would go from plantation to Starbucks roasters(in the US I would assume at least) and then back on a boat to SA. Thats a long time in transit.
What Boodles says is interesting. I have quite a few expatr friends here in Indo who are South African...all say the same thing, there really IS a lack of good quality specialty coffee retailers in RSA. Its many ways South Africa is similar to NZ and Australia, both countries have fantastic cafes and really good quality coffee. I for one would not be adverse to setting up a small place in a plce such as Capetown! :grin:
Hehehe...thanks :grin: Actually I am keen to head over for a visit. Meet Paul and Anna Kretzl from lammershoek Winnery when they were over here recently- I understand Paardeburg where they are is not that far from the Cape. Might make it a coffee-wine double header...long time since I got time away from the roaster :shock: