Authentic Cafe Mocha brewed with Stove Top Espresso

coffeetology girl

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Jun 12, 2006
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I went to Boracay last summer and I tasted the best Cafe Mocha in STABLES REAL COFFEE located between boat station 1 and boat station 2. I think their its authenic taste is that they brew their coffee using traditional method --- that is via stove top espresso. (Like the typical espresso machines, stove top espresso produces authentic coffee shot; however, you have to put it on a stove like a pot, and wait for the water to boil before serving).

I was able to observe how they made my Cafe Mocha; they first make espresso shot via stove top espresso and then combined it with steamed milk (which was also heated on the stove and whisked until foamy). When I took a sip; I was impressed with the taste. STABLES Café Mocha allows you to savour the bold coffee flavour and the bittersweet chocolaty combination of mocha and sugar. It is truly a traditional gourmet coffee drink and we rate it 4.5 stars.

You personal reviews will be much appreciated. If you were able to try any coffee from STABLES REAL COFFEE AND TEA, kindly email privately or reply to this post.