Automatic French Press


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Jun 30, 2022
Louisville, KY
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Hey guys, I had an idea that I think would be pretty cool, a french press that can make my coffee for me in the morning. I know you can accomplish this with pretty much any modern drip brewer, where you set a time in the morning that I'd like to have my coffee brewed and it would have it ready when I wake up. However, when it comes to flavor and brew quality, I much prefer the french press method to drip brewing. I haven't searched too hard for something like this, but I am curious to hear what y'all think about such a device, and whether or not you may know of anything that could get the job done.
Such an item existed... but $tarbucks sucked up the company / IP / etc. The product was called the Clover - super cool.. basically was a french press brewer that sucked out the coffee via vacuum. They were awesome... until $tarbucks shelved them. They took the technology and used it in their commercial self serve machines. I guess they are coming back but I have yet to hear more.

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