How to get best flavour from these beans please?


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May 14, 2024
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Hello all,
I brought back from Vietnam some weasel and kopi luwak beans.
I have tried the weasel so far, using different methods of brewing but I'm not getting the flavour I experienced from this bean when I first brought some back on a previous trip. The chocolatey bean smell is certainly there, as it was before. Maybe my palate has changed...?!
My typical coffee making methods are: Italian mocha, single cup drip, Aeropress, and French press. Using freshly boiled or just off- the boil filtered water.
I grind with a fairly basic Japanese mini Porlex.
I usually buy pre-ground but since I bought half kilo of the weasel I thought I'd grind as needed.

Can I invite some input on how to get that best flavour out of these beans?
Thanks for any input.
how old are the beans? Did you get them from the same place you got them before? I recently came back from Vietnam and brought some of those beans home with me and just could not get a good brew on the beans I got. It could be that the beans you brought home were not/are not as fresh.

Also, beans and crops change all the time and will change yearly, like grapes on a wine vineyard.
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I didn't buy from same seller. They smell as I remember with the first batch, nutty, chocolately, but it's all lost in the final result. Very disappointed. It occurred to me that I used to use bottled water when I brewed with the previous beans, then I bought a filter jug which I have been using for three years. The water in my taps is very calcified. So, just last week I tried brewing with bottled water but the results aren't any better. I conclude the freshness and/or quality of the beans is lacking.

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