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Jan 9, 2009
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Our bakery comes in every other day. The day old gets marked down to 50% off which only covers the cost . We are not making anything on this bakery. What is other shops doing with the day old bakery. Any help would be great.

Hi Luke and welcome to Coffeeforums.

Do you normally sell out of your day old bakery items before they become two day old?

Check with local soup kitchens, livestock farmers, charities, etc. They'll pick up thetwo day old stuff.

Best thing to do is to probably get a tighter grip on what you're able to sell each day, cut back on that a little and just let it run out by the end of the day. Otherwise, you're giving your customers an incentive to come back tomorrow and get their stuff half price.

Third option, dump the muffins & donuts and go with some durable & shelf stable Italian biscotti. I hear they serve quite well with coffee.
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Good luck with it and again, welcome to the forum.
We cut out muffins altogether. If it doesn't have a real shelf life, we don't sell it anymore. It's all about cookies, biscotti, shortbread, bars, etc. We keep them in their own airtight containers in the case with the backstock either in the fridge or freezer. When we take in a new item, we taste test it fresh, then let it sit for 3 days and taste test again. It only goes in the fridge/freezer once and only comes out a few at a time so it will be at least room temp before it is served. Refrigerating baked goods tend to dry them out faster.
Our baker makes the dough and freezes them. We take out what we need the night before and the opening person bake them. So when we sold our scones in the morning they are still warm. We usually sold out most of the popular flavors. Those we don't sell we throw them away at night. Same thing with cookies, we bake them around 11am and in the afternoon again, if needed. We keep them for two days and them write them off. Customers really appreciate these fresh baked goods. Especially when we bake cookies, the whole place smell great...we also do our own oven roasted which make the place smell ummm different.