Barefoot Coffee Roasters Brazil Poco


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Jul 14, 2007
Santa Cruz CA
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I have the opportunity to try a lot of coffee roasts as the proprietor of Great Infusions . Many of my Roaster customers proudly demonstrate their latest Yirgacheffe blend... or whatever is latest.

Last week I was really inspired by a Barefoot blend they call Brazil Poco (organic & FT). Light in appearance and almost no surface oils. Aroma out of the bag reminds you of the roasting house - tons of lush dark chocolate.

I use a vietnamese style coffee filter to do a quick cupping. This allows me to taste the coffee alone in its natural state. I usually make one 4oz cup and rink it hot - then make one and let it cool to room temperature to find hidden taints.

The brewed VN cups were excellent and the hot cup tells me the Brazil Poco can stand on its own as a brewed drink. Lots of chocolate with onderlying fruit. The cool cup held up well with a sort of briney aftertaste.

Dialing in the grind tamp and pour for an espresso took a several shots.. Finally I got the target profile of a strong earthy shroomey chocolate flavor - slight sweetness and citric tones underneath - layered flavors. Makes fabulous milk based drinks.

Barefoot is located in San Jose CA. They have nice little roasting house/cafe in a strip mall on Stevens Creek. their moto is "Serious coffee. Happy people"