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May 6, 2005
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I live in Indiana and would like to keep training as close to home as possible but I am open to looking at everything and then deciding on a location based on what's offered as opposed to what I'm paying for it.

But I could really use some direction on this since before starting research, I had no idea there was actual training for baristas or 'coffee house people' as I used to call the employees in local shops! lol

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Sep 21, 2004
Santa Clara, CA
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Barista trianing.

the best bet is to partner with a good coffee roaster partner who also has a retail espresso cafe and is very experienced in advanced Barista techniques and training. Usually this caliber of roaster will waive the training fee and you only pay for the cost of travel and lodging when you are their customer. (we do and Intelligentsia does as well I believe) Trainng is crucial and should be a required part of every budget.

There are also Barista Guild Jams coming up in June that are not too far away.

have fun gimme!


Nov 3, 2004
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Although most of our training courses are conducted within a customer's shop, we can generally arrange for independent training space at a nearby partner's location in the event that you wish to train yourself and/or your staff if for any reason your site is unavailable.

I recommend that you take Andy's approach of going to a nearby barista jam or coffee conference for general information then pursuing a structured training course for yourself and employees as you prepare to open.


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Jul 22, 2005
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what can you learn from barista training??? i have been a chef for 13 years and myself and two other people opened a coffee house with a limited food menu(pannini,muffins,etc)were just out side of davenport and we are building a customer base out of people that used to get there coffee drinks in davenport but claim we are beter(not braging)and none of us have any barista training but our customers just love us!!!!!!! what do they teach you at these training seminars and should we risk messing up what were are building up???


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Jul 25, 2005
Iowa, USA
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Wow, I really feel like I am following Mikefly around the same way I do at our shop lol. An avenue that I am getting ready to explore is obtaining some books and videos that you can purchase online. I know that they are not as effective as one on one live training; however, they are inexpensive and I am pretty sure that they will provide me with enough information to improve on what I've already learned from forums, google, and other online resources.