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Apr 22, 2016
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We own a cafe' but are new to roasting. Just purchased a 2016 Ambex YM-2. Works great and we've done a few 3.75 lb batches. Seems like we're baking beans a little. We're wanting light to med. roasts.

I was wondering if there were any guidelines that experienced roasters might suggest. I realize there a lot of externals that can change times and temps. But maybe some "rules of thumb" for lighter/med. profiles? We have an Ethiopia we've been learning on that has some fruity notes according to Royal, but we have yet to get there. Roasts seem bit dark and have a flat taste.

Here's the general profile we've been running trying to tweak it:

- Drop 435
- Turn 1:10 @174
- 1st Crack 390-400 @9.5-10
- Drop around 13 @420

I do have Profile software (basic) which lets me watch and record info...but so far, it seems like this is how coffee wants to behave. Any suggestions for a newbie? (Yes, I will be taking roasting classes, but want to get my hands dirty first before I do:) Thank you!
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May 11, 2014
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My 'guidelines' to work with a new coffee are roughly: browning/mallard starting around 5 min mark (roughly 3:10... when you first see beans yellow), 9:30-10min 1st Crack, 2-2:30 min develop time. Temps vary a bit - but on my machine most coffees start 1st crack at 385... and if roasting a nice single origin I drop at 405.

Two good books to read - Scott Rao's book on roasting and Rob Hoos's - Modulating Flavor in Coffee