Bean density and bean moisture variations and repeatability


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Nov 7, 2006
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Hello to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

With regard to green bean density variations. How does a roaster ensure repeatability when the bean density changes for a particular origin (diff. bag lot, etc)? In other words, if I had a particular flavor profile as the standard to match, how can I ensure that the next batch will closely match the standard?

With regard to green bean moisture variations. Again, how does a roaster ensure repeatability?

Is there a rule of thumb by which to go buy or something more specific? As an example. If the green bean moisture is 5% wetter than the standard by which you're trying to replicate, is the temp increased by 5% or the length of roast increased by 5% to off set this wetter green bean batch.

The same question of an say an increase in green bean density of 5%.

The roaster in question has a bean temperature probe, enviornmental temperature probe (inside roast chamber), and water quenching (not used yet).

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