SOLD: Sivetz 1/4 bag (38 lb) coffee roaster1998 with external bean cooler/cyclone

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Jun 9, 2016
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This is a late 1998 made Sivetz 32 lb (1/4 bag) coffee roaster, complete and with external bean cooler. These come along fairly rarely and they are serious production machines.

Consider the Return on Investment: Let's be conservative and say you get 32 lbs of coffee per batch and your roasts are 12 minutes apart (5 per hour). That is 160 lbs of coffee PER HOUR you are putting through this unit. Take that times your average profit per pound to figure out how few roasting-hours it will take for this unit to literally pay for itself.

Assuming you are now roasting on a smaller roaster, a true production roaster like this Sivetz can give you your life back. Imagine being able to complete 160 lbs of coffee in just a single HOUR spent manning the roaster. How long would it realistically take you to roast that much on your current set up. And what is your time worth - how many other responsibilities will this free you up to take care of?

The Sivetz design is bulletproof. They have very few moving parts and so are drop dead simple to keep running forever. The last one that I sold was a 1979 model. This one is 19 years newer. It is also the shorter configuration of the Sivetz roasters produced in Mike Sivetz's last years of production. His machines remain in use all over the world to this day. This has updated controls and the external bean cooler.

Photos show it as it was, still in production, before being disassembled to make room for a Loring. The previous owner tells me that he still prefers roasting on the Sivetz to the Loring, for what that is worth! A larger Sivetz remains in production at the previous owner's facility. This was was judged "too small" for their current levels of production, which is the only reason it was sold. It has been run about a year after dismantling and sandblasting the interior, so you are going to be hard pressed to find a cleaner unit on the inside.

This unit comes with two electric motors (1 phase, 240v) that power blowers for the cooler and the roaster heated air. The control box and the funnel holder can be bolted to the floor. The natural gas burner has a near new replacement regulator. The unit has the tubing for Sivetz's (controversial) water spray quenching system. Some say it work well to arrest the roast quickly and others say you should never put water on roasted coffee. (If done properly the small amount used comes off the hot beans immediately as steam).

The chaff cyclone is affixed to a handy stand and its duct elbow height matches that of the roaster. You can see how little square footage is really needed for this high-production system.

This unit comes with all of the original Sivetz documentation, which include manufacturer's product sheets for most of the components.

This unit is being offered F.O.B. from Alda, Nebraska. It will take a couple of days to get it palletized and banded for transport.

was: $16,995 OBO
NOW: $14,995
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