Bean Planting


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Oct 25, 2004
Kailua Kona
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Hello - I have a question regarding the planting of coffee beans. We recently moved to Kona - not only because of the coffee but it's a nice perk :grin:

We picked coffee cherries at a friends farm and have planted several of the beans. We know it takes 3-4 years to harvest but what we don't know is if there is any advantage to planting peaberry instead of just the regular beans. We've come across quite a few peaberry beans after pulping the cherries and we know they are the more desirable beans but does it make any difference to the plant if it's grown from peaberry or a regular bean.

Thanks for your help, I'm sure as our little plants start growing, we will be back for more help from you.

Thanks again


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Dec 1, 2004
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watching with interest!

I am researching the same subject, i know nothing. if i find anything i will get in contact. all my coffee has grown wild. I don't think my workers have a clue, i'm going up there next month, i'll get back to you.