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May 15, 2005
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What are some affordable French Presses no more than $30?

How long does the coffee stay heated/warm in a french press?

In need of some sort of coffee maker, I left my at home and these long nights of grad school studying are killing me. I really don't want to buy a regular coffee maker b/c I only want to brew around 3 cups or so and I also need something POTENT, hahaha. Thanks in advance.


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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You can find them pretty cheap. As to keeping them hot, you want to transfer your coffee to a carafe. When you transfer the coffee it will assure that you do not over extract your brew! :wink:


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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I know nothing about presses, but others rave over what Bodum offers. I'd pay a little more and get something with a high end build quality, like a metal filter in the bottom instead of cheaper plastic. Later!


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I usually use the Aeropress for making coffee (GREAT coffee!!!), but I need something that will make a few more cups for when company comes. I was thinking about a French press. I have a few questions:

Are the beakers and plungers the same on all Bodum press pots? I know some have stainless steel handles and some have plastic ones, but are the innards all created equal?

Has anyone ever tried Tiamo press pots?



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Mar 15, 2008
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I personally would go with Bodum french press. Once you brew the coffee you should transfer it to a thermo so that the coffee does not get over-extracted.

I you are the sort of person who leaves the coffee in the french press for a long time then consider getting BonJour french press (they design the filter in a unique way that prevents over-extracting the coffee).

My web site has several pages dedicated to french press coffee maker, you may find them useful. Don't worry, I am not selling anything - just talking about the different types of french press and giving some tips about using it.