Best Gas Station Coffee


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May 15, 2005
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Not all of us can go to a coffee shop every morning due to time constraints so we have surrender to gas station coffee. Which gas station has the best coffee?!?

1. Exxon-Bengal Traders
2. 7-11
3. Race Trac
4. Quick Trip
5. etc, etc, etc

I live close to a Race Trac gas station so if I'm in a rush I usually get my coffee there but honestly, it's really bad, hahahah but 89 cents for a 24 oz makes up for the taste...somewhat. I've heard great things about Bengal Traders, what are everyones thoughts on it?


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Jul 18, 2006
Winnipeg, MB
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I agree Topher. If the coffee is bad what is the point?

A can of good old Coca-Cola or some Mountain Dew will give you a jolt of caffeine and be more palatable than some of the scary gas station coffees out there.